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Ancient cultures have perfected the art of fermentation for thousands of years to create a variety of probiotic superfoods, from kefir to kimchi, kombucha, and countless others. These sacred practices fell by the wayside and failed to crossover into our Western civilization until recent years.

Now, fermentation is making a comeback. My Cultured Life is your one-stop resource for learning ‘all things fermentation’. You will find recipes, how-to videos, background info, scientific data, and valuable insight on how to transform your gut health, boost your immune system, and longevity through the healing power of fermentation.

Welcome to My Cultured Life where we bring the ancient secrets of superfoods into your everyday diet for amazing results. Let’s ferment!

My Cultured Life is an evolution of my life’s work, my journey!

I realized this was one of the easiest, most effective ways to transform my gut health. I went from making kefir for myself and my family to teaching others about its amazing healing properties. Without even realizing it, I came full circle! But this time, kefir lead me into the wonderful world of fermentation.
Dr. Carolyn Griffin, founder my cultured life
Dr. Carolyn Griffin


Kefir is a fermented drink first originating from the Caucasus mountain region on the border of Russia. Legend has it that Muhammad himself gave the first kefir grains to Orthodox Christians who were nomadic shepherds in that region.  

My Cultured Life Carolyn Griffin


At its base kombucha is a fermented green or black tea that includes bacteria, sugar, and yeast. Kombucha originated from the northeastern regions of China over 2,000 years ago. 

Fermented foods

Fermented foods often refers to solid foods, not just drinks, that go through the fermentation process. A significant portion of fermented foods are vegetable-based. 

My Cultured Life Carolyn Griffin


In case you’re wondering, no, the term shrubs does not refer to actual shrubs you see lining the outside of a house. ‘Shrubs’ are also called drinking vinegars and are used to infuse flavor and zest into cocktails and other drinks of choice.


The best way to experience fermenting in your home is to start at the beginning by learning the processes yourself!