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How To Make Kombucha

What You’ll Need:
 2 Gallon Glass beverage dispenser with spigot
 Linen or clean dish towel with rubber band
 16 ounce Glass Bottles with swing top caps
 Heating belt (optional, but recommended)
 Temperature strip (optional, but recommended)
 Plastic Funnel
 1-2 cups of Starter tea
 8 bags of Organic Black Tea
 2 cups Organic Raw sugar
 2 gals filtered water

Bring about 3-4 quarts of the filtered water to a boil.


Turn off the heat and add the sugar. Stir until dissolved.


Next, add the tea bags allowing them to steep until the water is room temperature. (Make sure to steep until the tea is very strong because we will be adding the rest of the water and we don’t want it to be too diluted)


Pour the sweetened tea into the glass beverage dispenser.


Add the remaining water until it is about 3 inches from the top.


Next, add your SCOBY and starter tea to the dispenser.


Place a linen over the entire opening and secure it with a rubber band to keep out the flies (they LOVE kombucha!).


Place your dispenser on the counter top out of direct sunlight and let it ferment at 70-85 degrees for 9-18 days.


As it ferments, you will start to see a new SCOBY start to form at the top of the dispenser.


Make sure to periodically taste the Kombucha as it brews. This is good practice so you can see what stage it is in. (This is why I like the spigot :) )


You’ll know it’s done when it’s not too sweet or too vinegary. Your taste buds will be the judge.


Pour the tea into the glass bottles. You can cap them as is and place in the refrigerator or flavor them and have them go through a second ferment.